27 Apr 2014

The Spring patch for Developers

The latest KanColle patch merges a bunch of endpoints together to speed up the game, and makes an earnest effort to make tool development harder. Of course, this isn't gonna stop me, nor anyone else, so here's what's changed.

No more /api_get_master/

Yeah, that's right, no more api_get_master. Instead, all authoritative data is in the new /api_start2 endpoint.

/api_get_master/ship is now /api_start2 -> api_data.api_mst_ship, /api_get_master/slotitem is /api_start2 -> api_data.api_mst_slotitem, etc.

Random ship data filenames

Ship graphics used to be named simply <Ship ID>.swf; ever since the spring patch, they have a random sequence of letters for filename instead. These filenames can be pulled from the /api_start2 endpoint, under api_data.api_mst_shipgraph.

Player data merged into /api_port/port

This is perhaps the most interesting change: a bunch of player data is now under one endpoint, but that endpoint also requires a signature in the api_port parameter. Here's the code for how to generate that signature from the player's member_id (you can grab this from /api_get_member/basic), in JavaScript, because the game does it in ActionScript which is almost the same thing:

// u = The current user's ID
function _(u) {
    var loc = [1171, 1841, 2517, 3101, 4819, 5233, 6311, 7977, 8103, 9377, 1000]
    var ret = 
        (loc[10] + u % loc[10]).toString() +
        ((9999999999 - Math.floor(new Date().getTime() / loc[10]) - u) * loc[u % 10]).toString() +
        cN() + cN() + cN() + cN();
    return ret;

function cN() {
    return Math.floor(Math.random() * 10).toString();

As you can see, this isn't one number, but instead three parts of fixed lengths.
The server will verify that this signature is correct, and if you get it wrong, you get Error 100 back.

(Note: the keys mentioned above have since been revoked. Also loc[10] is always 1000. Good luck.)