Q: What is KanColleTool?

KanColleTool is two things.

A tool to view information the game doesn't show you, and information it does show you in a more convenient way.
It's a small window that stays quietly in the tray when not in use, that will also notify you of completed constructions and repairs.

A viewer for the game, a convenient launcher optimized specifically for KanColle.
If you're using Flash Player Standalone/Flash Projector for the game, think that, but better.
As an extra bonus, it'll translate the game into English for you, and let the Tool livestream data.

Q: Is this safe? Will I get banned?

If you're a foreign player, DMM already have all the reason they need to ban you.

Using KCT will not increase your chances of getting banned, and starting with 0.7.1, not even I could tell if you're using it.
The tool and viewer will both identify as Google Chrome (in 0.7.1+), so all they have to go on is the location your IP originates from.

Q: Why would I want to update?

Aside from the normal reasons (new features and bug fixes), new updates are sometimes necessary to stay under DMM's radar.

TL;DR: Always update. It could be important!

Q: Why is the game not loading?

You most likely do not have Flash Player installed.

This is especially common if you use Google Chrome as your main browser, as that uses its own, embedded version of it. It's not possible to load their embedded version into another program, so you have to download and install Flash Player yourself before KCT will work.

As an extra bonus, this will fix videos in Steam not loading.

Q: Why is the Windows version so big!?

On Windows, we have to bundle our own WebKit with the application. This is the web rendering engine used by Google Chrome among others, and a really good one at that, but with the drawback that it's pretty freaking big.

On a Mac, we can use the system-provided WebKit version, and on Linux we simply depend on it and have the package manager provide us with one, but on Windows, neither of those exist, and thus we have to bundle it with the program.

Q: I started the game, why isn't it in English?

There are two main things that could be causing this:

  1. You aren't using the accompanying Viewer.
    You should be using the program called KCTViewer that comes with the Tool.
    This does most of the heavy lifting that makes the translation work (and livestreaming to the tool and quite a few optimizations for the game, at that), so it's not possible to easily provide translation if you're not using it.
  2. You never enabled it.
    In recent Viewer versions, the translation is disabled by default, and must be manually enabled in the settings.

Q: How does the English patch work?

The patch works by laying a filter between the game and the server.
When the game requests some data from the server, this little filter (a protocol/reply handler, depending on the system), catches the response and looks up translations in a database, swaps the Japanese text out for English, and hands it back.

The beauty of this is that the game can't tell any of this is taking place. It just displays whatever it thinks it got from the server.

Translation data is provided by Commie (though it does NOT use their proxy-based traslator), via api.comeonandsl.am.
Translation is done by RHExcelion, API by sikarra.

Q: Do you have any documentation I could use?

Sure, just head over to the Documentation page. That has everything I know about how the game works.

Q: Where my screenshots will be saved?

Using the save on disk feature, screenshots will be saved on your Desktop. Using the upload function instead, an Imgur link will be pasted to your clipboard once the upload is complete.