The current version is 0.9.6, released 2015-12-24.


Official support for Windows 7 and 8.1. Windows XP should work as well, but it's untested.

The Standalone version is a folder full of DLLs and two EXEs you can put anywhere.
The Installer is what it says on the tin - a convenient installer that installs the program and makes Start Menu shortcuts.


Requires OSX 10.9 (Mavericks) or later. 10.8 (Mountain Lion) support is planned, but not quite there yet.
(And Mavericks is a free update from the Mac App Store, so you may want to just grab that if you're still on 10.8)


Ubuntu/Mint and Debian

Add this PPA and install the kancolletool and kancolletool-viewer packages.
You will be automatically kept up to date by the system's normal update system, though updates may be delayed a bit.

Arch Linux

Install the kancolletool AUR Package.


You will have to build from source.
If you're interested in building packages for your distro, open an issue.

Current Maintainers:


If you want to build the project yourself, you can get the latest sources from the GitHub Repository.

Build Requirements:

To build the Windows installer, you'll also need InnoSetup 5 (with the plugin the installer asks you about) installed.