25 May 2014

Release: Version 0.9.1

After nearly a month of me being too overloaded with school assignments to work on KCT, 0.9.1 is finally here.
Where 0.9.0 was a rushed attempt at patching in compatibility with the new KanColle patch, large parts of it has now been reworked, and none of the issues that arose with 0.9.0 should be left.

The biggest change in this version is that there is no more Direct Loading in the Tool.
Instead, the Viewer will write cache files that are picked up by the Tool, which eliminates the need for this.

The reason for this change is that
a) It was the one part of KCT that was potentially detectable, and
b) KC Staff have started actively trying to prevent programs from accessing player data

These two together tell me that keeping it really isn't a good idea.
As an added bonus, this makes the Tool start up in nearly no time at all.

In addition, when you enable translation, it will default to submitting untranslated strings back to the translation server.
This means that every time you see an untranslated line, it has popped up on the translation dashboard.